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A decentralized trustless solution to user owned research, healthcare, and pharmaceutical.

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The Eulium Project lowers the barrier of entry for researchers to begin providing value to the scientific and medical communities. Similarly, the crowd funding model and trustless architecture creates its own governance towards projects, scientists, groups, and collaborators. The results being a user owned, decentralized, self governing, global research marketplace.

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Core Features

What to expect


  • Researchers can start any kind of research without any central political control
  • Eulium provides a truly global research and crowdfunding decentralised platform


  • Eulium is more scalable and faster because it does not inherit characteristics of any underlying blockchain
  • Anyone can deploy a smartcontract on Eulium blockchain to create dapps


  • Eulium has unique POS mechanism where any scientific equipment can run a node and participate in transaction verification
  • Binding research patents to NFT make sure that real researchers are always credited for their discoveries

Monetize scientific discovery and innovation


Eulium nature

The novel concept of Eulium creates a self governing architecture. Each project starts with the outreach of the researcher to their friends, family, and colleagues. As they gain traction more successful projects get more investors' attention and raise more capital. More investors staking their ELM around the project generates more rewards for the researcher AND investors. If the Eulium investor is dissatisfied for an reason, or simply wants to redistribute their assets they simply un-stake and move to another staking pool or convert their ELM to another crypto. In this way, the investors "vote" for the project with their investments.

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Eulium it's not only a source of funds for research; it's an entire blockchain ecosystem with its own cryptocurrency – Eulium Coin, a utility coin that stores Scientific data and NFTs on the Eulium Chain. Unlike other cryptocurrencies selling vaporware, games, or simple applications reliant on other chains, Eulium is a Layer-1 Blockchain. It combined a set of solutions that improve the base protocol to make the overall system more secure and scalable preferring the proof-of-stake protocol instead of the energy inefficient proof-of-work.

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